Sugar Cookie Decorating Tools

Here’s a list of many of the products I use to decorate sugar cookies. I have expanded my collection over time by adding stenciling and airbrushing to the mix but you definitely don’t need to start with those.

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General Tools/Packaging

  • Wilton Mega Cookie Sheets
  • Rolling Pin- this one is amazing because it ensures you will get an even thickness with all your dough. Comes with several thickness options as well.
  • Piping bags
    • These are my favorite ones that I’ve tried from Amazon. I’ve tested a couple others from there but keep coming back to these.
    • If you’re in Canada, I really love the piping bags that Cookie Couture sells as well.
  • Cookie bags to package individually
  • Scribes- the cute ones I have are from Sweets by Vero but if you’re just looking for some basic ones, Amazon has some good options
  • Silicone Mat for baking (these are too small for the mega sheets but are good when using normal sized cookie sheets)
  • Silicone Mat for rolling out dough/decorating on
  • Chip clips– I like to use these to close my piping bags instead of tying them (I usually put too much icing in and can’t tie them).

Food Coloring

  • The Sugar Art– Master Elite Powdered Food Coloring
  • Americolor Soft Gel Paste- These are available from Amazon if you’re just wanting to start out with a variety pack or a couple colors. If you’re going to purchase many colors, it’s a better deal to go directly to the Americolor website, even with the shipping charge.

Stencil Supplies

Airbrushing Supplies

I get cookie cutters from all over but these are some designs/sets I use a lot:

I have a lot of cookie cutters from Ann Clark. If you’re looking for a lot of random designs (i.e. not a set of the same theme), go directly to their website for the best pricing on individual cutters. The have a flat shipping fee (for the US) that is very reasonable.

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