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4 Simple Projects with Faux Leather

In my previous post, I talked all about how to cut faux leather on a Cricut so now it’s time to actually share some project ideas!

Project Ideas

Here are 4 super cute projects that were really easy to make:

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1. Key Fobs

Creating the design for this in Cricut Design Space was super easy. All I did was create a rectangle that was 1 inch wide by 11 inches long. If you’d like to use the templates I did, you can follow the project link here. Once you cut the rectangle, fold the piece in half and pinch the hardware on.

I purchased the hardware from Amazon and can be found here.

2. Bows

These bows involve three pieces, some hot glue and a clip and look SO adorable. If you’d like to use the templates I did, you can follow the project link here. Once you cut the pieces, the sides of the long piece fold into the center and get glued. You then glue the bow to the bottom piece and wrap the middle piece around both the bow and bottom piece and glue it. Then add to a clip of your choosing.

I purchased the clips from Amazon and they can be found here.

3. Coffee Cup Sleeve

I purchased the SVG file for this Coffee Cup Sleeve from Jewel Box Supply. I added a snap which unnecessarily complicated things so you can absolutely just use hot glue to join the ends of the sleeve.

I purchased the snaps from Amazon if you do want to try this approach.

4. Bookmark

For this design, all I did was create a rectangle and added a small hole at the top for a tassle. To use the exact project I did, project link here.

The tassels were purchased from Amazon.

So many fun things to make with faux leather! If you have any questions, feel free to message me with any questions and share what you made on instagram @makingstuffwithsam!

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