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How to Cut Faux Leather on a Cricut

My love of faux leather started recently when I found a company that had the prettiest patterned faux leather! I placed my first order from Jewel Box Supply and immediately fell in love with the product. I also had some other faux leather on hand so I’ve tested out cut settings for three different brands in this post- Jewel Box Supply, 143 Vinyl and Cricut.

Once I had my leather and decided on a couple of projects, I played around with the cut settings for both my Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker to see what worked best. The main thing I learned is that there are MANY ways to cut faux leather on a Cricut, it just will depend on what machine you have, the thickness of your leather, what blades you have and your personal preferences. The settings and blades I’ve outlined below are just what I preferred after trying out many ways, if another way ends up working for you, that’s awesome too!

Jewel Box Supply Leather

From the faux leather I ordered from Jewel Box Supply, there were two main types. A thinner, smooth faux leather and then a much thicker glittery faux leather. Specific cut settings can be found in the chart below.

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Cutting the regular faux leather sheets worked with a couple different options, especially if you have the Maker. I first tried the fine point blade and it cut through most of it but did leave some areas not cut all the way through. The deep point blade cut through it no problem and was a nicer cut than the fine point blade. These are both great options if you have the Explore Air 2. If you have the Cricut Maker, the rotary blade cut through so smoothly, I’d definitely recommend using that. The rotary blade should have come in the box with your Cricut Maker. I cut this type of faux leather with the design DOWN and using the Standard Grip Mat. My mat was new so I didn’t need to tape it down for this type. If your mat isn’t sticky anymore, you may want to tape down all types of faux leather.

For the thicker glitter sheets, the knife blade seemed to work the best for me. I put the glitter sheet facing up (glitter side UP) and used the standard grip mat. I would recommend taping the thick glitter sheet down so it doesn’t move, especially if your mat isn’t that sticky anymore.

The rotary blade also worked for this, I just had to cut it twice (you do this by not removing the mat when the cut is done and instead press the Cricut Go button again). If you don’t have the Maker, the deep point blade also worked for me but I did have to cut it twice (settings listed in chart below).

I do think using the deep point blade on the glitter sheets would dull your blade pretty quick so I’d definitely use the Knife Blade if you have it.

Cricut Brand Faux Leather

I also tried cutting Cricut brand faux leather which is very thin and the fine point blade had no issue cutting through it. It is definitely a lot thinner than both of the faux leathers from JBS discussed above.

143 Vinyl Faux Leather

Just like the Cricut faux leather, the faux leather from 143 Vinyl was quite thin and could be cut with the fine point blade.

Cut Settings

Here are all the specific cut settings I used:

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